Chitrakut is a town in Central India; which is mentioned in the Hindu Epic "The Ramayana" as the place where the subjects Ram and Sita lived for many years in happy blissful union. Revolving around the lives of five people, and their journey of change and metamorphosis - as they search for love and companionship. Interweaving the lives of Saloni, Shaan, Debu, Alisha and Kim, converging at different intersections of life, discovering the meaning of love, consumption of romantic longing a nd encapsulating fractured feelings.

Luogo: Cinema G.Guerrieri
Data: 2020-09-26
Durata: 120'


1 M AL I K P I CTURES m u m ba i ~director’s profile ~ Himanshu started as a journey as a well appreciated Model country wide and then began his filmmaking career as an assistant on Mira Nair's “Kamasutra - A Tale of Love.” Further to that, he went on to the performing arts, acting in a number of feature films namely TUM BIN, KHWAHISH, RAKHT, ROG...amongst others. He turned filmmaker in 2012 - Writing and Directing, his first short – Q.E.D (Quod Erat Demonstradum). Malik Pictures is a production house that was founded in 2014 under which Himanshu has directed various music videos and advertising content for numerous India based brands. CHITRA KUT is his first fiction feature, which is also produced by his company Malik Picture